• Arrival and departure:
    • Security deposit: €1,000 to be paid in cash, on arrival;
    • Check-in: between 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Check-out: before/by 10:00 am;

All extra services are to be paid locally in cash unless otherwise arranged.

  • In the house:
    • Smoking is not allowed in the house;
    • Household waist have to be collected in bins located in the backside of the house, next to the car parking.
    • Before opening and closing of venetian blinds, be sure to have arranged plates in horizontal plane.
  • The lawn:
    • Do not leave items (clothes, toys, etc) on the lawn in order to allow irrigation during the night;
    • Do not tamper with the irrigation during operation;
    • Have respect for the surrounding area: please do not leave cards, cigarette butts and garbage around the house;
    • In case of failure of lawn irrigation system (the irrigation system start in the evening around 23 and ends in the morning) or in case of failure of the pool pumps and filters please notify the owner of the house;
  • The pool:
    • Pay attention to the outside living floor may be slippery when wet;
    • Pay attention to entry into the pool: never use the ramp because it is extremely slippery but use the terraced steps;
    • Pool has depth of min cm 10 and max cm 230
    • Turn off the lights of the pool, during the night time if not used;
    • It ‘forbidden throw objects in pool and use the same improperly.
  • Animals:
    • It is not ‘allowed to leave dogs and cats inside the house exept in presence of the owners in order to avoid damage at sofas, beds and other furniture interior;
    • Please remove any dung of domestic animals from the lawn and the’ area surrounding the property;
    • It’s strictly forbidden to place animals in the pool.
  • Energy savings:
      • Please use the appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, iron, vacuum cleaner etc), during the daylight hours in order to optimize energy resources in accordance with the territory, by using solar energy.
      • Please use air conditioning only with windows shut to avoid waist of energy and useless overload of the electric system; could be useful in case of use of different electric stuff, to check the display of the switchboard, in the laundry room, to be sure that electric absorption will be under 5,5 kw.ù

Località Piane di Maggio 5, 66030 Frisa - Chieti - Italy

Credits: Studio Alice